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‘Oblique’ Embrace your tilted perspectives. 

This t-shirt was made in Jaipur, with the traditional technique of ‘DABU’. It uses mud as a resist, instead of colour, to block print patterns; later indigo/kashish dyed, leaving those specific areas void of colours.


OBLK - For Kashish

OBLI - For Indigo


‘Stained’ For the ones who take the beaten tracks.

Keeping the techniques intact, this t-shirt takes a different approach to the craft. Instead of the calculated application of motifs with wooden blocks, the mud resist is spontaneously dripped & spread over the t-shirts. Thus making each one different from the other in its own rugged yet handcrafted manner.


1STAG - For Green

1STAK - For Kashish

1STAI - For Indigo


'Contour' Explore the beauty of transcience and imperfection.

From the hands at Jaipur, the craft of 'DABU', passed through generations, is now brought to you in new light. Bringing the authentic processes of the same on t-shirts, over their rampant screen printed and digitised versions on clothing, is aimed at securing the role of craft in modern day context and aesthetics..




‘Curiosity’ Break away from the straight lines. Be curious!


The motifs in this one reflect the harmony between the structured and the organic. They have been carefully placed in each of the t-shirts to give an outlook of engineered prints and placements, however with a closer look one can spot the beautiful natural imperfections which speak of its authencity.


1CURK - For Kashish

1CURG - For Green


‘Rewind’ It’s time to get back to the roots.

The piece reminds identification with the indigenous; and bringing of gap between the traditional and the new. With it, make a statement and do your bit to keep the crafts alive, without even compromising on the comfort! 




‘Spring’ Let go and grow into the unknown..

The design observes the relationship between our vernacular crafts and their immediate nature, consisting of flowy organic blooms. The nature, besides being a source of inspiration, also serves as the place from where it derives its raw materials. The t-shirt gets its green colour from indigo that is applied to a yellow base.




‘8 bit’ Go Retro! With a blend of bold forms and organic textures to suit all your moods. 


Harmony between the craft and context couldn't be the only thing we look at, when the Contrast could be so fun as well! Who says traditional motifs could only be extravagantly ornamental? These are forms which can meet your raw yet bold aesthetics, right where you're at. 



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